How to do Legal Research?

Manupatra Video Resources on Legal Research covers everything from basic steps to begin legal research, how to write a research paper,
how to research for a moot as well as tips and tricks to make the most of Manupatra Features.

Topic Coverage Video
Using Manupatra for Moot Preparation Your Guide to everything related to a Moot. Covering from how to approach a Moot Problem, how to prepare statement of facts, list of authorities and more.
Moot & Research Papers as a First Year - Special Webinar Series Resource Persons - Bholenath Dutta and Aanchal Kapoor discuss how to approach your Moot Court Competitions and Research Papers as a First Year in College
How to Prepare for a Moot with Manupatra A Webinar exclusively dealing with everything from basic to advanced about a Moot while we approach a live Moot Problem followed by an Extensive QNA
Preparing for a Moot - Ready Reckoner A 2 minute ready reckoner on all that Manupatra offers that can make your Moot Game Stronger
Legal Research: A Definite Guide For Law Students This Document covers Basics of Legal Research Process of Legal Research for Moots, Scholarly Papers, Blogs and Manupatra Features for efficient Legal Research
How to conduct Legal Research This Document covers how to conduct legal research as a legal professional, How to frame and identify the scope of the legal question, how to approach the research for the legal question, and how to use research databases effectively
Do You Want to Change Your Legal Research Game? At Manupatra, we have over a 100 features and this Document captures a few of these features and shares how to use them to completely transform your legal research game.
How to begin with writing a Legal Research Paper? Writing your first research paper is one of the most daunting tasks of your law school. This Document covers an effective roadmap on how to approach a research paper, what milestones to track and how to maintain a timeline to finish.
Importance of Legal Research & Writing This Document covers why it is necessary to develop legal research & writing skills as a law student. It also introduces you to the purpose and effectiveness of using a legal research database.
Your Cheat Sheet to faster more relevant Research Have you always thought of legal research as cumbersome? Not Anymore. Here’s your cheatsheet to faster efficient research with credible results using these Manupatra Features.
How to Elevate your Research Paper with Simple Steps!! Writing a Research Paper is the first step, getting it published is the real task. Ensure this with these simple steps to elevate the quality of your research paper.